Who’s making a Difference?

I’ve been working on the Wizard Magic since February. Getting a Fun Run set up is like doing a puzzle.¬† Every piece needs to be put in the right place. Getting support and people to help is the first step. This year the Windsor Music Boosters helped out along the way. There are an elect group of parents who have stepped up to the plate at every turn. I really appreciate all that they have done. We needed to have people find sponsors, do the advertising, collect prizes, and make sure every position for setting up the day of the race was put into place. Then there was the push to get participants to register. Again, there are the elect few students who contacted just about everyone they knew and invited them to come participate in the Fun Run. These are the leaders of the band! They are the ones who make things happen! I am so appreciative to see these kids step up to pave the way to success for the band. (And just to let you know, yah, I’m noticing who is making a difference. When it’s time to check my notes when¬†selecting a recipient for the scholarship…)