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Immigrant and Refugee Center of NoCo

I had the opportunity to tour the Immigrant and Refugee Center of NoCo (IRCNoCo) last week. They are doing great things there to help the people adapt to living in Northern Colorado!

Many needs have been identified to help out. IRCNoCo is just finishing up a coat drive where the families are receiving items to help keep warm this winter. I was intrigued to learn about the partnership between IRCNoCo and Turnaround Bikes. This gives the immigrants and refugees the opportunity to receive bikes to help them travel to their jobs. So, if you are wondering what to do with your old bikes that have been sitting around, please donate them. Way to go, Turnaround Bikes!

IRCNoCo is always in need of hygiene products. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc… are great things to donate to this 501(c)3 organization.

In discovering that books can help immigrants and refugees learn how to read, we decided to hold a Book Drive to help them out. And what a great Christmas idea for them to give their family members! If you have any children’s or young adult books laying around your home, please consider donating them to help a wonderful cause.


Who’s making a Difference?

I’ve been working on the Wizard Magic since February. Getting a Fun Run set up is like doing a puzzle.  Every piece needs to be put in the right place. Getting support and people to help is the first step. This year the Windsor Music Boosters helped out along the way. There are an elect group of parents who have stepped up to the plate at every turn. I really appreciate all that they have done. We needed to have people find sponsors, do the advertising, collect prizes, and make sure every position for setting up the day of the race was put into place. Then there was the push to get participants to register. Again, there are the elect few students who contacted just about everyone they knew and invited them to come participate in the Fun Run. These are the leaders of the band! They are the ones who make things happen! I am so appreciative to see these kids step up to pave the way to success for the band. (And just to let you know, yah, I’m noticing who is making a difference. When it’s time to check my notes when selecting a recipient for the scholarship…)

Register for the Wizard Magic 5K!

Yesterday I worked with K&W Printing in Windsor to place all the logos for the sponsors on the 5K shirt . I’m excited to report that we have 24 sponsors this year! It’s going to be an awesome event. Share and tag your friends. Let’s get the registrations happening!!

Chickens Have Arrived!!

The Easter Bunny delivered chicks yesterday! We have seven little birds! It was amazing to see how much they grew in just one night.

We will be selling eggs to help fund the ongoing projects of Tyler’s Legacy.  If you are interested in farm fresh eggs, please contact us.

Registration Opens for the Wizard Magic 5K!!

The registration for the Wizard Magic 5K is now open! I spent some time getting the online form up to par. (There might be a little tweaking here and there but generally it’s ready.) There are several band parents who are working in committees to make this a successful fundraiser. I am getting excited for this event!!

Organizing the Wizard Magic 5k

The band parents and I met last Monday night to start organizing the Wizard Magic 5K Fundraiser. Last year’s race was so much fun and I’m already getting excited for this year’s race to get underway.

Committees will meet this coming Monday March 20 in the WHS band room at 7:00pm. (Booster meeting at 6:00pm) Anyone interested in being a part of the volunteer crew, please attend. (If you cannot attend, please email me at: I’ll be in touch with you and find out what you can do to help.)

The logo for the Wizard Magic 5K is just about done and I’m loving it. Thank you to my friend, Christina, for putting her talents into what I’ve been imagining in my mind. I’ll post it here on the website as soon as it’s finalized.


Receiving 501(c)(3) Status

We started out as the “Tyler2Miler” and held a memorial walk around Windsor Lake to raise funds to assist marching band students with class fees. Tyler was a huge music fan and wanted students to be able to participate without worrying about cost so this was our way to help out those who wanted to be a part of the band program.  This fund raiser was such a success that we held another walk on the second anniversary of Tyler’s unfortunate death.

By the 3rd year, the WHS Marching Band was invited to participate in the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack. Tyler prompted his mom to do something to help out with getting the band there. Therefore the “Tyler2Miler” was changed to a 5K Fun Run/Walk called, “The 5K to Pearl Harbor.” The Pep Band provided the music/entertainment and we had over 200 participants running and walking around Windsor Lake. With the support of local businesses our fundraising efforts allowed us to raise $11,500 which was donated to the Marching Band to help with the trip’s expenses.

It is now 2017 and we are getting ready for the 4th Annual Fun Run/Walk around Windsor Lake in memory of Tyler. Because of the success of this fundraiser and the amount of people we have been able to help, we were prompted to create “Tyler’s Legacy: A Charitable Non-Profit Organization.” Tyler’s Legacy was granted 501(c)(3) status on February 13, 2017. The fundraiser to help the marching band students is now going to be called, “The Wizard Magic 5K.” We will expand what we do and provide assistance to other community members/organizations who are need of help.

Tyler’s Legacy is in it’s infancy. We will be growing in many ways. Please follow along and if you’d like to volunteer at any of our events, send us an shout out. We’d love to have you tag along.