The Tyler Mayle Excellence in Music Scholarship is two-fold.

Marching Band Fee Assistance

Tyler was an avid marching band member, both in high school and college. He was always recruiting trying to build the “music family.” During his tenure as drum major in high school, Tyler learned that there were some students dropping out of band only because the family could not afford the fees required by the class. For this reason, Tyler’s scholarship was created to assist families afford the fee and the students could continue with their music education.

As of fall 2017, Tyler’s Legacy has assisted 6 students.


Senior Graduate Scholarship

In 2017, Tyler’s Legacy added an additional scholarship for a student graduating from Windsor High School. All seniors who have participated in any band class and who plan to attend college to further their education are eligible to apply. (Applicants do not need to be music majors.) Applications are available in the counseling office at WHS.


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